Don’t worry about damages to your cargo

Let’s suppose that you have invested your time and money in getting the best product. Even so, are you concerned about the possibility of damages that may occur during loading or shipment? Remember, you devote your money, workforce and time for the sake of increasing your market share and becoming more competitive. Are all of your efforts for a product damaged during transit, before received by final user?

Don’t get tired when stowing your cargo

Driving in timbers, lashing, or filling the empty spaces with various materials… Airbags make such things unnecessary. Regardless of container or articulated lorry, you can freely load your products and inflate the airbags as recommended by our team of experts. Securing products of a truck load takes approximately 5 minutes. In this way, your customer would not try to remove timbers, or pay for destruction of materials used by you for filling empty spaces between products.

Nature friendly

No worries if we pollute the nature, because 100% of our airbags are recyclable. Our airbags do not leave unnecessary wastes behind, nor create extra weight on your cargo.

Set at ease when your cargo is shipped in safe

Airbags manufactured by EGF are the most reasonable solution for freight damages. They have an incredible load securing capacity, and can withstand against tons of pressure and fluctuation of load. We produce 2 types of airbags: manufactured from polypropylene fabric with outer surface laminated with polyethylene, and manufactured from a special extensible kraft paper. On the other hand, inner parts consist of 3 layers of co-extruded polyethylene film to eliminate the risk of air leakage. Sound, reliable and easily inflatable airbags are the best way to protect your cargo effectively.