The most important step in saving money is saving of time. EGF air bags make you save both of them.
Select an air bag that satisfies your specific requirements;
EGF Industrial Packaging offers a wide range of products that meet your shipment requirements in terms of size and power. EGF will surely help you in the selection of air bag specific to your shipment, whether container or railway.


Air bags made of kraft paper have superior load stabilization in character. It may withstand tons of pressure, resisting against cargo shift. Durable, reliable and easy-to-inflate, the air bags provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to protect the load and minimize any damages during transport.


Air bags made of polypropylene have equivalent quality and workmanship compared to the air bags of craft paper. However, they are damp- and water-proof and produced from raw material recyclable 100%. Most importantly, they provide repetitive use thanks to valve system easy to deflate. Polypropylene air bags are light and easy to store.