Superflow Air Tool

Superflow system provides unprecedented inflation speed and innovative safety characteristics, which considerably reduce the inflation time and workmanship cost.Used to inflate our air bags, these revolutionary accessories inflate in a speed 3 times the conventional tools. Designed with a focus on end-user, these accessories have unique safety characteristics to prevent over-inflation. When the equipment reaches to the ideal pressure values, it cuts of the air flow automatically, eliminating risk of burst.

Venturi Valve System

Provides inflation 3 times faster than any other valve in the market: Special inflation unit with Venturi design creates a possibility for quick inflation by utilizing compressed air with ambient air.
Applies constant pressure at all times: Set the desired air pressure so that all bags are inflated at same pressure.
Cost effective: Our bags are reusable. Unscrew and leave the valve cap to deflate.
User-friendly: Set the air cock to open position. Special inflation unit will automatically shut off when the desired air pressure has been reached.

Disposable Valve System

The use of POWERBAG airbags is extremely easy and cost-effective. Pallets or parcels are stowed inside a vehicle (container, truck, wagon, articulated lorry, etc.) according to the standard loading procedures. Then, airbags are inflated to fill the void. In this way the shipment is secured. When the goods are received by consignee, the bag is first depressurized, then torn, punctured and disposed of.